Even Chinese Counterfeiters Aren't Interested In Samsung's Galaxy Gear Smart Watch

Samsung Galaxy Gear with gear manager on galaxy note 3Steve Kovach/Business InsiderThe Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Even Chinese counterfeiters who make a living from selling knockoff iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones aren’t too hot on Samsung’s smart watch, the Galaxy Gear, according to a report from CNN.

Samsung’s smart watch, the Galaxy Gear, launched last fall to so-so reviews. Critics panned the device for its limited functionality, poor battery life, and bulky body.

It seems those negative reviews have trickled down to counterfeiters in China. CNN talked to several and none of them seemed interested in copying Samsung’s Galaxy Gear.

From CNN:

The launch of Samsung’s Gear seemed like something of a victory against its big rival Apple, which is rumoured to be launching its iWatch sometime this year, but the device was conspicuous by its absence in Huaqiangbei’s market halls, logistic companies and workshops.

“I’ve never seen a knock-off Gear in this whole town,” said a young woman working in a shop full of Samsung products. Her shop is one of the few outlets that sell the real Gear but she said “they don’t sell well.”

“[Counterfeiters] don’t care about the Gear as consumer demand is too weak,” said another shop assistant in his early twenties, who was selling a number of what he said were real Samsung products, but not the smart watch. “We don’t sell it anymore. It was not popular.”

Despite the poor reviews, Samsung says it has shipped at least 800,000 Galaxy Gears. It’s unclear how many have actually been bought by users.

Now for some good news from Samsung on its smart watch plans: Last week, a Samsung executive told Bloomberg that the company plans to launch a new version of the Gear in the spring along with a new flagship Galaxy smartphone. The executive didn’t give many hints at what the new Galaxy Gear will be able to do, but he did say it will be slimmer.

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