China Has Blocked Access To The Guardian After It Reported On Leaders' Offshore Wealth

Xi Jinping-ChinaXi Jinping/ Photo:Getty

Chinese censors have blocked access to The Guardian’s website after the newspaper reported that relatives of the nation’s leaders were keeping their money in offshore havens.

The British newspaper published its report on Chinese use of Caribbean offshore companies this morning, Australian time.

It named relatives of Chinese president Xi Jinping, former premier Wen Jiabao, former Beijing mayor Peng Zhen, former premier Li Peng, former president Hu Jintao, general Ye Jianying and the late Deng Xiaoping among the “princelings” who were storing wealth offshore.

The Guardian’s website was inaccessible from within China’s great firewall as of 2.28pm AEDT, with Beijing-based journalist Tania Branigan reporting that a similar report by Australia’s Global Mail had also been blocked.

China has blocked online access to Bloomberg and the New York Times since the US papers reported on the wealth of the nation’s leaders in 2012.

Earlier this month, Chinese ambassador Liu Xiaoming told Sky News that it blocked some Western media because “we are looking for truth”.

There’s more on The Guardian.

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