A Chinese Bus Company Is Politely Reminding Its Drivers Not To Crash Into Supercars


Photo: WreckedExotics.com

While the car market in China may still be nascent, it seems that China’s drivers are already veterans in a much more infamous field of driving: destroying supercars.Now, according to Car News China, one bus company is giving its drivers a gentle reminder that 1) supercars are quite expensive and 2) it’s probably best to not crash into them.

The Jinghua-based bus company has posted a new chart in all offices that has emblems of supercar makers and an approximate price. As Car News China reports, many of the cars on the list cost the equivalent of $800,000, and insurance only covers the first $32,000.

However, there are some cars, like the SSC Ultimate Aero, that cost the equivalent of $8 million in China.

Going $7.97 million in debt for bumping a car like that is probably not what any bus driver wants or needs.

¬†According to The Truth About Cars, the list does not include cars from Porsche. It seems the bus company either feels those cars are robust enough to take a hit from a bus or aren’t super enough to be considered supercars.

Drivers of Hondas, Toyotas, and Chinese domestics should still be cautious and on the lookout for rogue buses.

(via The Truth About Cars)

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