Chinese Billionaire Takes Out $44K Personal Ad

No eHarmony for this fella. He knows that when you want something only a $44,000 ad in the local newspaper will do the trick.

Times Of India via Wealth Bulletin: NEW DELHI: An alleged billionaire put up a lonely heart ad, accompanied by a long love poem for prospective women to understand.

According to the Chongqing municipality ad, the 41-year-old businessman required a pretty-looking woman aged between 23 and 30, fluent in English along with being good-natured.

“And she must at least be able to understand the poetry”, reports the China Daily.

Another man Yang, claiming to be the entrepreneur’s cousin, revealed that around 100 contenders had applied for the ad costing 43,800 dollars.

10 candidates were to be short listed to meet the boss one-on-one.

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