The Feds Just Closed Dozens Of Chinatown Bus Lines In A Safety Crackdown

Chinatown Bus

Photo: Elvert Barnes via flickr

The discount bus lines that Chinatown is known for appear to be no more.According to Business Week, US Department of Transportation just shut down three companies that control 26 bus lines that run out of Chinatown due to safety concerns.

This has been a long time coming. Business Week reports that federal investigators have been looking into the companies over the last year after a series of accidents.

With 28 fatalities in 2011, the safety concerns did not go unnoticed.

The Chinatown buses have long been the ride of choice for college students and deal seekers making the trek from New York City to Boston, Washington, Philadelphia, and other destinations along the I-95 corridor.

In a timely coincidence, Business Insider’s Vivian Giang had her own Fung Wah horror story this week.

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