China's Top Paper Says US Wants To See Regime Change In Syria

A Syrian rebel soldier dons a gas mask. Picture: Getty Images

With the tension escalating around the situation in Syria and mounting evidence that the US is preparing a military strike against the Assad regime, China’s top newspaper – a proxy for the government’s views – has warned against an attempt to change the government, Reuters reports.

The People’s Daily says that an intervention on the pretext of Syria having weapons of mass destruction, aimed at toppling the regime, would repeat what happened in Iraq.

From Reuters:

“The essence of the Iraq war was to circumvent the United Nations and change the government of a sovereign nation with the aid of force,” the newspaper said in a commentary, which it said “contravened the basic principles of morality and justice”.

“The international community must be on high alert for certain foreign forces repeating this method in Syria,” the paper said. “Since the start of Syria’s civil war, the impulse to forcefully topple the Assad government has never vanished.”


The commentary was published under the pen name “Zhong Sheng”, meaning “Voice of China”, which is often used to give the paper’s view on foreign policy issues.

Reuters has more.

China, with Russia, has opposed UN sanctions intended to put pressure on the Assad regime. Any looming military strike looking like it will be conducted by a “coalition of the few” – the US and the UK with tentative support from other countries, and with the diplomatic rhetoric is ratcheting up any attack could risk major rifts with superpowers.

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