Thermal Vision Helps Make Homes More Efficient

In search of a better battery. [NYT]

China’s three largest power firms release more CO2 than all of Britain. [Guardian]

Government aid around the world is making Nissan’s electric profitable. [Bloomberg]

A look at carbon capture in Sweden. [FT]

KLD will sell electric scooters in Asia, because that’s where there is demand. [Earth2Tech]

Cohen Financial grabs $1.8 million in refinancing for the home of Tesla in Chicago. [ReJournals]

How long can BP protect its dividend? [Alphaville]

SunRun, a solar financing company raises $18 million. [Greentech Media]

IBM talks about smart water managment. [Treehugger]

Toyota still the top auto seller in world, barely. [WSJ]

Thermal imaging makes it easy to figure out where heat escpaes from the home. [Guardian]

Europe pushes back on the “green” protectionism in carbon bills. [WSJ]

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