Here's How China's State Media Is Talking About The Protests In Hong Kong

Want to see how authorities in China view the #OccupyCentral protests in Hong Kong?

Look no further than this column in The Global Times (a daily newspaper associated with People’s Daily). The column argues that protesters are breaking the law and sullying the good image of Hong Kong, as a destination for finance and fashion.

Radical activists in Hong Kong announced early Sunday the launch of the Occupy Central movement, raising the curtain on an illicit campaign earlier than expected. Photos of Hong Kong police being forced to disperse demonstrators with teargas have been widely circulated online across the world. These activists are jeopardizing the global image of Hong Kong, and presenting the world with the turbulent face of the city.

Hong Kong is a financial and fashion hub of the world. As Chinese mainlanders, we feel sorrow over the chaos in Hong Kong on Sunday. Radical opposition forces in Hong Kong should be blamed.

US media is linking the Occupy Central movement with the Tiananmen Incident in 1989. By hyping such a groundless comparison, they attempt to mislead and stir up Hong Kong society.

China is no longer the same nation it was 25 years ago. We have accumulated experience and drawn lessons from others, which help strengthen our judgment when faced with social disorder.

China Daily’s report on the protests goes with this headline: Illegal assembly in Hong Kong leads to clashes.

The overall gist: These protests are illegal, have no hope of succeeding, and are only damaging Hong Kong.

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