China's Second Largest Carrier Reports 100,000 Pre-Orders For IPhone 5S, 5C

China Unicom, the second largest carrier in the country, announced it had over 100,000 iPhone 5S and 5C reservations since Apple revealed the devices,
Bloomberg reports.

It doesn’t sound like a big number of pre-orders, but Bloomberg says China Unicom hasn’t even revealed pricing yet for the iPhone. Also, the 5S isn’t available for pre-order, so we’re not sure what it means that people are reserving the phone. (Pre-orders for the pre-orders?)

Chia Telecom, the other carrier that sells the iPhone in China, will lower its subsidy for the iPhone, Bloomberg reports, citing analyst Eva Yip: “A China Telecom monthly plan costing 289 yuan ($47) for the iPhone 5S carries a subsidy of 2,890 yuan, 15 per cent less than the 3,400 yuan for the iPhone 5 on the same plan, according to Yip.”

It’s possible China Unicom also lowers its subsidy.

All of this will make Apple investors nervous. Apple has fallen behind the competition in China. The high price of the iPhone is letting competitive Android phones to take share and win new customers. A lower subsidy won’t help it grab sales.

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