China's Mobile Industry -- A Fantastic Growth Story That's Only Just Beginning [Slideshow]

How quickly is the mobile market in China growing, and what are the major opportunities?
At BI Intelligence, Business Insider’s paid research service, we surveyed some of the best data available on the Chinese mobile industry, and came up with some answers. We published them in an in-depth PowerPoint presentation and are publishing an abridged version, below. The full version is only available to subscribers.

Here’s the main takeaway: China is close to reaching its smartphone tipping point. Sometime in the next year, smartphone sales will overtake feature phone sales, and the fast uptake of modern handsets and 3G connections means that there will be a huge opportunity for mobile advertising, mobile commerce, mobile payments, mobile platforms, and app markets. Click the slideshow below to see more.

BI Intelligence is a research and analysis service focused on mobile computing and the Internet. Subscribers can access the full report associated with this deck, download the deck as a PDF or PowerPoint, and access the individual charts and data. Please sign up for a free trial here.

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