China's first 3D-printed car is on the streets and costs $2250

China’s first 3D-printed car rolled off the production line this week carrying a price tag of just $2250 to manufacture.

It’s not pretty:

Picture: YouTube/Sanya Suhai

But in unveiling the car, maker Sanya Suhai hopes to put Chinese commuters on the road to much-needed energy saving transportation measures.

“The density of the material is much lighter than that of the metal, only one-seventh or one-eighth,” chief designer Chen Mingqiao said. “Lighter weight will help save energy in the future.”

The entire process of turning the car out took six weeks, but the car itself was printed in just five days using low-cost composite materials.

Picture: YouTube/Sanya Suhai
Picture: YouTube/Sanya Suhai

It’s powered by rechargeable batteries and can hit a top speed of 40km/h.

US citizens will soon be able to buy a couple of models of 3D-printed cars, but the sticker price is well beyond that of Sanya Suhai’s car.

KOR EcoLogic’s Urbee, printed by Stratsys, will range from $US16,000 and $US50,000. Local Motors, in Arizona, says it will soon 3D-print cars on demand for $US18,000-$US30,000.

The Urbee. Picture: KOR Ecologic

KOR Ecologic first plans to break a Guinness World Record in May by driving the Urbee 2 from New York to San Francisco using the least energy of any practical car.

In metric units, it hopes to make a 4676km journey, at an average speed of 111km/h, using 37.85 litres of fuel.

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