Remember The US Census? China Is Counting Its Massive Population For 1/60th The Cost Per Person

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China is getting ready to take its most comprehensive census ever of around 1.3 billion people. But don’t worry, it won’t have a major impact Q4 GDP numbers.

That’s because China is taking the much-larger census for an incredible fraction of the cost: $104 million, or 80-cents-a-person, according to The Guardian:

Over the next 10 days, an army of registrars will interview 400m households from the frosty northern province of Heilongjiang to semi-tropical southern Hainan. The survey will cover wealthy professionals in coastal cities such as Shanghai and impoverished herders in the mountains of Tibet in the west.

America’s census cost 14.7 billion, or $48 dollars-a-person.

A similar survey in India also beat the US at $1.3 billion, or $1 dollar-a-person.

So, should we outsource in 2020?

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