An Eerie Tour Of The Abandoned Chinese Amusement Park That's Finally Being Torn Down

china wonderland

Much has been made of Chinese ghost towns. 

Amid these ghost towns, one of the more remarkable stories has been that of China’s ‘Wonderland’. This was a Disneyland styled amusement park that was being developed just outside of Beijing years ago. At time it was being touted as the largest amusement park in all of Asia.

Construction was abandoned in 1988 after a dispute over land prices. Workers have now however begun to demolish the abandoned buildings. 

Local media suggest that the space will eventually make way for a shopping centre.

We drew on photos from Reuters’ David grey to give you a tour of the abandoned project that has seen farmers return to the land. We also drew on a video posted at io9 for the photo tour.

Laborers have begun demolishing China's 'Wonderland' amusement park that was abandoned some time ago.

'Wonderland' sits on a 100-acre plot of land outside of Beijing.

Construction stopped around 1998 when the project lost its funding.

School children now play on the abandoned castle.

Farmers dig a water well in a field by the abandoned building.

An unfinished parking lot is seen in front of the buildings.

Cracks are visible in the car-park.

The project was halted after disagreements over land prices with the local government and farmers.

A wide array of rusted steel beams cover most of the area.

A biker rides past fields that locals now use for crops.

The park was being promoted as the largest amusement park in Asia, when the construction was ongoing.

Left of the castle is Wonderland's main building.

Here is the happy Wonderland dragon.

All the unfinished buildings are freely accessible.

Construction of a small kingdom was nearly complete.

It doesn't appear that anyone will come back to these castles.

The empty amusement park seems even more eerie shrouded in smog.

And cracks have appeared in the foot path leading here as well.

colourful arches and doorways lead to more deserted areas.

People have furnished empty corners for lounging.

Chalk graffiti talks about ghosts and includes phone numbers offering to make 'friends'.

Great big empty rooms are in abundance.

And staircases that lead nowhere fill the area.

More deserted corners where garbage piles up.

A sign warns locals about possible poisons in the soil.

It's clear how decrepit 'Wonderland' has now become.

Back outside, two locals stroll the area.

Local residents can enjoy a peaceful lunch.

And many dogs like to play in the area.

A new shopping centre will reportedly take the place of Wonderland.

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