Rockets rookie showed off his unconventional, underhanded free throw-form in an NBA game for the first time

Houston Rockets’ rookie Chinanu Onuaku debuted his underhand free throw style in an actual regular-season NBA game, nailing both in convincing fashion during garbage time on Monday night against the Phoenix Suns.

Onuaku played in college at Louisville, where he switched to the underhand style after shooting 46.7% in more conventional fashion during his freshman season. It worked decently well — in his sophomore year, he shot 58.9% from the line. 

With the Rockets, Onuaku used his underhand technique during a preseason trip to China. The underhand method, though not new to the league, hasn’t been a regular occurrence since Rick Berry shot that way in the late 1970s. With Onuaku’s early success, it might become an option for more of today’s players.

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