A Fishing Incident Is Escalating Into A Major Territorial Dispute Between China And Vietnam

WarshipA Chinese C-802 anti-ship missile

Photo: AP

Breaking: Vietnam has said it intends to hold live-fire exercises in the South China Sea in response to the confrontation with China yesterday. According to the BBC, Vietnam warned all vessels to stay away from its central coast when it conducts the drills Monday.Earlier: The escalating dispute between China and Vietnam was taken up a notch yesterday when the larger nation told Vietnam it was “gravely violating” Chinese sovereignty in the South China Sea.

Confrontations are increasing as the two countries face-off over massive oil deposits near the two countries shared coast line.

According to the BBC, China’s foreign minister says armed Vietnamese ships chased away Chinese fishing vessels on Thursday. He said that the cables of a Vietnamese oil exploration vessel became tangled in the Chinese vessels net and dragged the fishing ship for more than an hour before the net was cut away.

Insisting that the Vietnamese vessel was operating illegally, Beijing accused Vietnam of endangering Chinese sailors lives, and warned it to stop “all invasive activities”.

The event follows last weeks incident where a Chinese vessel severed the oil exploration cables from a Vietnamese vessel. Chinese officials accused the ship of operating within its exclusive economic zone.

China claims that oil reserves in the area exceed 80 per cent of Saudi deposits, according to International Business Times.


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