China Is Selling Weapons Systems Using Video Of A Simulated Taiwan Attack

chinaChina considers Taiwan part of its sovereign territory and has threatened to use military force should the island move toward independence.

Photo: YouTube/JDUS2020

A video to promote Chinese a weapons system simulated the bombing of a Taiwan military base, Taiwan News Channel Focus reported.The system—which integrated M20 short-range ballistic missiles, A200 remote-guided rockets, A100 multiple rocket launchers, unmanned aircraft and field air defence missiles—was advertised as “being able to make pre-emptive strikes against enemies’ radar installations, command centres, airports, harbors, power plants and concentrated armoured forces,” according to Focus.

The video showed drones being in charge of detection; M20s destroying oil depots, power plants, armoured forces and F-16 jet fighters at Taiwan’s air bases; A100s shelling enemy artillery and air defence sites; and air defence missiles intercepting counterattacks.

Chen Kuo-ming, senior editor of the Taiwan-based magazine Defence International who attended 2012 Airshow China, noted that the weapons were known but integrating them into a complete ground strike package to sell to other countries and using Taiwan to illustrate its capabilities was different.

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