WATCH: After Being Followed Around By Chinese Government Agents, This Reporter Confronts Them And All Hell Breaks Loose

A striking look at a reality of China. Australian reporter Stephen McDonnell went to China to do a report on religion in the country, including underground Christian churches, and was followed around for days by Chinese government agents.

After a bunch of this, he decides to confront them (in fluent Mandarin) in a hotel lobby and all hell breaks loose. 

The rise of religion, and in particular Christianity, in China, just may be one of the biggest macro stories of the 21st century. The religion is growing really fast in the country and the government doesn’t like it. It tries to co-opt them with officially sanctioned state churches, but underground churches are flourishing as well. 

If the Chinese start converting to Christianity en masse, that could have a profound impact on Chinese society, government, and therefore given the rising importance of China, geopolitics. It sounds unlikely today, but in his day Stalin quipped: “How many divisions does the Pope have?” and it turned out that the Pope played a significant role in the fall of the Soviet Union.

In any case, watch the video:

You can watch the whole, great, striking report here →

(Via China analyst Bill Bishop

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