Pakistan's "Best Friend" China Agrees To Provide 50 New Fighter Jets

Photo: wiki commons

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani spent the past four days in China, a country he recently described as “our best and most trusted friend.”Gilani left Beijing today with a unbeatable offer.

China agreed to deliver immediately 50 brand new JF-17 fighter jets, free of charge, according to Pakistani officials. “We’re getting the 50 jets, on top of the ones we already have. Something has been agreed in Beijing, so they’ll be expedited,” a Pakistani spokesman told the WSJ.

Gilani also received political support for Pakistan’s actions regarding Osama bin Laden. Premier Wen Jiabao assured Gilani of China’s “all-weather friendship” and said Pakistan had made “huge sacrifices” in the international struggle against terrorism, according to Dawn.

Meanwhile look who else arrived in China today: Kim Jong-un. North Korea’s heir apparent may be in China also to seek a gift of fighter jets, as his father did in May 2010.

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