China Is Obsessed With The Extravagant Life Of This Spoiled Young Playgirl

Zhang Jiale Chinese Playgirl

Photo: Weibo

Chinese netizens have become obsessed with a Weibo account that appears to show the absurdly fabulous life of a young woman in Shenzhen, which we first read about on ChinaSmack.“King” Zhang Jiale’s luxury lifestyle has sparked strong criticism in a country where the new found wealth of elder generations is widely seen to have created a younger generation that is overly materialistic.

But is it really so bad?

Zhang has over 46,000 followers on Weibo.

Many appeared surprised, however, to discover she was a tom-girl.

Her age has alternatively been listed as 16, and 22.

Lots of luxurious gifts ...

... including an Aston Martin ...

... and even a diamond-studded white iPhone.

She is apparently a member of China's Supercar Racing Club, and has rented out a Lamborghini.

Zhang seems to travel a lot.

Often, via private jet.

Sometimes she's playing in the sea.

Or commanding a yacht.

Her parties look extravagent.

She's often photographed surrounded by models ...

... all draped in designer gear.

The Telegraph reports that one of her nicknames is Wu Zetian, the name of a Tang Dynasty empress.

Source: The Telegraph

She appears be in a relationship with a 19-year-old model named Vanessa Yang,

Matching hoodies.

Zhang's father is believed to be businessman Zhang Jun.

The elder Zhang is an insurance magnate who heads Sinolife Insurance.

Zhang's life has come under scrutiny by Chinese netizens, many of whom feel she represents the worst of the younger generation's excesses.

Last year, a number of high profile scandals involving the lives of the rich younger generation broke.

Regardless, Zhang's life certainly looks like a lot of fun.

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