China parades aircraft carrier, nuclear submarines through the South China Sea in a massive show of force


Chinese President Xi Jinping presided over China’s largest-ever naval parade in the South China Sea on Thursday, according to Reuters.

The parade involved more than 10,000 naval officers, and dozens of naval ships and aircraft, according to CGTN.

Xi told his troops that it “has never been more pressing than today” for China to have a world-leading navy, Reuters reported, telling them to devote their undying loyalty to the party.

China’s military, the People’s Liberation Army, is the world’s largest armed forces. The PLA is currently trying to modernise its forces, investing heavily in new technology and equipment, and unnerving its neighbours, Reuters reported.

Here’s what the parade looked like:

48 naval vessels took part in China’s naval parade in the South China Sea on Thursday.


Including submarines.


As well as China’s first and only aircraft carrier, the Liaoning.


76 aircraft also took part in the parade.


Such as J-15s.


And even helicopters.


Xi himself was onboard a destroyer called the Changsha.


Where he watched four J-15s take off from the Liaoning.


While addressing his troops, Xi told them to devote their loyalty to the party.


You can watch the video from CGTN below:

CGTN also uploaded two other videos, which you can watch here and here.

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