Incredibly, China Blocks LinkedIn After Pro-Democracy Posts


LinkedIn has been blocked in China over some pro-democracy posts that users have made on the site, Bloomberg reports.

This is pretty crazy: it’s hard to think of a social network less prone to pro-democracy activism than buttoned-down, all-business LinkedIn. There were probably a few people who made status updates with pro-democracy comments but even from the perspective of China’s censors there’s no way LinkedIn is a threat.

So there’s three potential explanations:

  • The Chinese leadership is REALLY freaked-out about the upheaval in the Middle East and that it might lead to a similar movement in China, so it’s overreacting;
  • This is just straight protectionism: it’s a convenient excuse to block LinkedIn in favour of the many clones/alternatives flourishing in China right now; after Twitter was blocked over its real role in Chinese protests, competitor Sina Weibo took off like a rocket;
  • It’s a fluke.

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