The Communist Party of China just launched a 'Learn from Xi' app

Xi smilingKim Hong-Ji/ReutersXi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China.

Who doesn’t want to learn from Chinese president Xi Jinping?

The Communist Party of China has launched a free app to help you do just that anywhere, anytime.

The new app features quotes, speeches, theories, and other writing from the president and chairman, including his book, The Governance of China, according to Shanghaiist’s Alex Linder.

It also includes commentary about Xi from experts and academics, and other fun features like a map to show where his various speeches were made.

The idea behind the app is to prompt more enthusiasm for socialist ideologies, Linder reported. It’s already the talk of the town on the popular Chinese microblogging website Weibo. Xi’s government has made it a priority to shut out “Western” ideas — and that goes for everything from schools, to universities, to think tanks — this is just a part of replacing those ideas, and putting Xi in the every day lives of Chinese people.

Here’s a screenshot of the app, via The New York Times’ Chris Buckley:

The app is reportedly available in the App Store now. Hit us up if you discover any other fun features.

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