Chinese Workers Making iPhones Work 11-Hour Shifts, 6 Days A Week, For $1.50 Per Hour

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Individuals assembling Apple’s iPhones in China allegedly work long hours for low pay. A new report by China labour Watch, a labour rights organisation gives specific details of the workers schedules.

Workers schedules are set at six days a week, with 11-hour shifts, 20 minutes of which is unpaid. The remainder of the shift is paid at a rate of $1.50 and hour which equals $268 per month before overtime.

This monthly pay is drastically below the basic living wage necessary to live in Shanghai, one of the most expensive cities in China, CLW claims. This low pay forces the workers to put in a ton of overtime just so that they can survive.

It’s not really a surprise that the individuals assembling iPhones for Apple’s supply company Pegatron work long hours to turn out a ton of product — that’s been known for a long time.

But the work schedules at Apple’s Pegatron factories would be illegal in the U.S.

The Pegatron facilities are currently assembling the new, cheaper version of the iPhone, which is expected to be released sometime this fall.

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