China just released a impressive images of its air force in action

China air showXinhuanetChinese Shenyang J-11 jets streak the sky with white smoke.

China just released a gallery of photos showcasing their airborne military might. The images depict Beijing’s domestically made jet fighters flying in impressive aerial formations. Some of the planes are fully armed.

China has been heavily investing in its military in recent years, developing high-end weapons systems and building landing strips for their aircraft in the South China Sea. Chinese president Xi Jinping has also been cracking down on alleged corruption in the military.

The photos were released not long before a September 3 military parade commemorating the end of World War II, itself part of a larger series of anniversary events that some observers have characterised as a nationalistic distortion of history.

These pictures, released by China’s state news service, Xinhuanet, reveal the extent of China’s domestic military aircraft development, a crucial element in its efforts to become Asia’s unquestioned military and strategic power.

The Chinese Chengdu JF-17 is a multi-role fighter introduced as an upgrade to the J-7, a reworking of the 1950s Soviet Mig-29.

A JF-17 fires missiles.


The J-11s also are based on Soviet models -- they strongly resemble the Sukhoi-30, which debuted in 1989.

J-11s engage afterburners during takeoff.

Here's what an armed J-11 looks like.

Here, J-11s fly in formation above the Chinese countryside.

Chinese J-11s fly in formation

J-11 jets streak across the sky.

Chinese Shenyang J-11 jets streak the sky with white smoke.

Here are two J-10s, multirole aircraft meant to replace the older J-7.

Chinese J-10s cross each other trailing coloured smoke at an air show.

J-10s ascend in tight formation, using coloured smoke to create a brilliant aerial display.

A view of the J-10s from the ground

J-10s fly in formation at an air show.

This is a JH-7 'Flying Leopard,' a lightweight, twin engine fighter/bomber that was introduced into service in 1990.

You've seen China's jet fighters ...

... here are some other Chinese military developments shifting the balance of power in Asia.

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