China Is Preparing For A North Korean 'Emergency' By Spending $10 Billion On Huge Infrastructure Projects Near The Border

north korea women dancing

Photo: Eric Testroete

China appears to be working on a number of large infrastructure projects near its border with North Korea, according to reports in South Korean publication the Chosun Ilbo.The country is thought to be spending over $10 billion on projects in the region, which includes a large highway and a railway network for the remote Liaoning and Jilin provinces. It is due to be finished by 2015.

The reason behind the huge project isn’t immediately clear, but the Chosun Ilbo reports “the aim is not only to tap into North Korea’s mineral resources but to secure easy access for Chinese troops in case of an emergency in the North.”

The project does appear to show that the tie between North Korea and China is still strong, despite many reports that the hermit state was testing its big brother’s patience.

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