Is Still Blocked In China, And Employees Think They're Being Followed

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Photo: (Photo by Bob Chamberlin-Pool/Getty Images)

Remember last month when China blocked for their incredibly researched story on the family wealth of Xi Jinping, a princeling thought to be the next leader of China?Well it’s still blocked, and, according to the FT’s Simon Rabinovitch, Bloomberg has seen other examples of intimidation:

In the weeks since the article was published, people believed to be state security agents have tailed some Bloomberg employees; Chinese bankers and financial regulators have cancelled previously arranged meetings with Matthew Winkler, Bloomberg’s editor-in-chief; and Chinese investigators have visited local investment banks to see if they shared any information with Bloomberg, according to people with knowledge of these incidents.

While blocking of foreign websites isn’t unusual in China, the length of time has been blocked is remarkable for recent years.

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