The iPad Lines Are Nuts In China Too

ipad jump joy

Photo: AP

The iPad officially went on sale in China Friday morning to the usual fan fare that accompanies the release of a major Apple product.Just like we saw in the U.S. and other countries, hundreds of people lined up at Apple stores to be the first to get an iPad. Unlike in the other countries, Chinese consumers had to tough it out through a big rain storm to get their tablet at Apple’s Beijing store. (Shanghai was dry.)

Apple handed out coffee, water, and umbrellas to the dedicated customers, says AppleInsider. AppleInsider also reports customers were in line for three days just waiting to get an iPad. And this is just the wifi iPad, the iPad 3G is coming soon.

The rainy line in Beijing

Looking at the store from outside in the rain.

Apple handed out umbrellas to keep customers dry. Not everyone excepted the offer.

Imagine waiting in line all that time then changing your mind at the last second?

Is she happy about the iPad, or the fact that she's out of the rain?

And now we're in dry Shanghai, at the newly opened Apple store.

About to enter...



This guy is stoked.

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