China hoovered up record levels of iron ore from Port Hedland last month

Fortescue mining boss Andrew Forrest. Photo: William West/AFP/GettyImages

China’s voracious demand for Australian iron ore remains as strong as ever, at least based on figures released by the Pilbara Ports Authority today.

According to the group, iron ore shipments from Port Hedland — Australia’s largest loading terminal — totalled 41.838 million tonnes in September, a figure just shy of the record-high level of 42.875 million tonnes struck a month earlier.

And there are only 30 days in September, compared to August’s 31.

In cumulative terms, the port shipped 463.6 million tonnes of iron ore over the past 12 months, the largest annual total on record.

Exports to China, the largest end-destination for ore shipped from the port, came in at 35.542 million tonnes, a slight increase on the 35.436 million tonnes shipped in August.

It was the highest monthly amount on record.

Volumes shipped in September were up 5.2% on the same month a year earlier.

The port handles iron ore produced by Fortescue Metals, BHP Billiton and Gina Rinehart’s majority-owned Roy Hill mine.

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