China Has Admitted Its Greatest Threat

Bo Xilai

Photo: Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

In the new issue of an influential journal, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has admitted that corruption is the biggest threat to the country, the BBC reports.The journal reprinted Wen’s pledge for accountability and argued that local governments should quickly investigate problems reported by the people and the media, according to reports in the Guardian.

While the article in Qiushi journal doesn’t mention him specifically by name, it certainly seems likely that the Communist Party were prompted to publish by the ousting of influential Chongqing politician Bo Xilai.

Bo’s ousting has become a huge political issue in the country — new reports surfaced today British businessman Neil Heywood may have been killed after threatening to expose Bo’s wife’s plans to move money abroad. The lavish lifestyle of his son has also come under question.

Of course, there could be another side to this story. Could Bo be the victim of a political purge?

More on the scandal below:

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