Here’s Why Denmark’s Embassy In Beijing Is Twice The Size Of The One In Washington

Arctic, Greenland, Ice

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China has a new best friend in Europe — Denmark.Wonder why the Eastern goliath would choose to be so close to a medium sized trading power? WSJ reports that the pair’s trading is worth less than $10 billion total per year — a measly figure compared to China’s big trading partners.

So what’s the real reason? Greenland of course, and its ability to provide access to the Arctic’s natural resources.

We wrote in November about why China was so keen to get a hold of Greenland access — check that here — and the WSJ picks up on a fascinating details on how that is affecting Sino-Danish relations:

Danish diplomacy is literally following the money as some of the country’s policy elites turn away from the U.S. Copenhagen’s largest embassy is in Beijing, and is twice the size of its embassy in Washington. Denmark’s ploy to pull China closer is likely to work: From Beijing’s perspective, having Chinese companies buy several billion dollars per year worth of pharmaceuticals and machinery and doing container shipping business with Maersk is well worth it to gain access to Arctic negotiating tables and Greenland’s minerals.

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