Here's The Resignation Letter Of A Chinese Factory Worker Who Quit Because He Couldn't Find A Girlfriend

While we should stress we can’t vouch for the authenticity of this, this resignation letter from a Chinese auto parts maker has been widely circulating on Weibo in the last few days:

Weibo China Resignation

Photo: Weibo

Weibo user @luweiji wrote uploaded the photo with the message: “This is not a joke. This is a real letter from Shunde Jintai Desheng Motor Co.

The resignation letter was reportedly submitted by a man who had been working for 3 years at the factory, RocketNews24 translates. His reason for quitting?

“This factory is small and the women are few. It’s too difficult to land a girlfriend here.”

The man’s boss signs off on the resignation, but not before adding:

“Don’t blame others when you don’t have game. It’s your own fault you can’t get a girl.”

Is the letter real? Perhaps not. Journalists in China have reportedly found the factory where the letter is from, but workers there could not confirm the letter’s authenticity, and the factory said the paper did not match their own resignation slips.

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