Chinese Consumers And Manufacturers Are Having The Biggest Impact On The 4K TV Market


Consumer uptake of 4K TVs will come relatively quickly because average selling prices of existing 4K sets have already dropped a great deal and will drop much further.

Half of all North American households will have 4K-capable televisions by 2024, just ten years from now.

But right now, North America isn’t the dominant market for 4K TV.

In a recent report from BI Intelligence looking at the worldwide market for 4K TVs, we found that China currently accounts for the greatest share of 4K Ultra HD television shipments. The country will receive 78% of 4K Ultra HD TV shipments this year, according to NPD.

Moreover, unlike the smart TV market, in which American, Japanese, and Korean companies are dominant, China-based manufacturers account for a major share of the global 4K TV market. As you can see in the BI Intelligence chart above Sony has the greatest market share, followed by Samsung, and then a number of different Chinese manufacturers make up over a third of 4K TV shipments.

In full, the report:

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