China Dispatches Emergency Envoy To Restrain War-Mad North Korea

china north koreaWu Dawei (right) lays down the law

China dispatched a special envoy to North Korea yesterday to restrain the war-mad regime.Chosun Ilbo reports:

A government official said China “reiterated the importance of stability and peace on the Korean Peninsula and delivered the same message to the North,”¬†which is frantically rattling the saber.

“The request could be a warning that Beijing may turn its back on Pyongyang if it should launch further provocations,” a diplomatic source said.

A word from Beijing could go a long way: Nearly two-thirds of North Korea’s imports come from China. And only China can keep off the UN.

But don’t expect China to seek justice in the Cheonan attack, which it is currently investigating. Pax Beijing prefers stability.

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