China Accuses Obama Of Having A Cowboy, Cold-War Mentality

obama dalai lama

Everything else, from arms sales to Taiwan to tariffs on steel, is chump change compared to the planned meeting between Obama and the Dalai Lama.

China is kicking up tons of dust in anticipation of the February 18 meeting, claiming this is the final insult that will destroy Sino-US relations.

At least in the editorial pages they are. Here are some zingers from the state-owned China Daily:

With the Cold War mentality in his sub-conscientiousness, he can hardly shake off the obsession that China is a Communist state and is an enemy of the United States when it comes to ideology. As a result, he has turned a blind eye to the fact that Tibet has been part of China for hundreds of years and the history of Tibet as part of China is much longer than the history of the United States.


By meeting Dalai Lama, Obama is sending a message to those separatists that they have the support of the world’s only superpower for their illegal activities. By meeting this man who does not mean what he says, Obama is doing something detrimental to the Sino-US relations and has showed disrespect for the Chinese people. By doing so, he is portraying himself as a man of double standards and of no principle in Chinese people’s eyes.

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