Chinese White Collar Workers Are Burning Out At Five Times The U.S. Rate

Chinese Office Worker

As droves of Americans look for work, those still employed face heavy workloads and frequent bouts of burnout.

Well, China’s modernizing in this regard as well, and in fact its white collar workers are experiencing a burnout rate which could be five times as high as in the U.S..

China Daily:

There are more depressed professionals than it appears on the surface, and they make themselves heard on online forums and bulletin boards such as

Here, dozens of groups have been created to talk about giving up jobs in pursuit of “freedom”.

30 per cent of the 100,000-client base that Li’s company has across China complain about work-related stress and burnout. It is an unusually high rate, given that the same comparative segment in the US is only around 6 per cent.

The calls come from low-and mid-level management, the people usually sandwiched between senior officers who give orders and their subordinates, whom they have to coax into productivity.

They have to deal with long working hours, low job satisfaction, little control over their role at work and even less support from senior management.

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