VIDEO: China Arrests 19 After A Big Riot In Guangdong

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China arrested 19 people suspected of “obstructing the work of the police, provoking incidents and deliberately destroying government property” during three days of riots in Guangdong, according to the AFP.

The riots began on June 10 after rumours spread that police had beaten a street hawker to death and manhandled his pregnant wife.

Local media insisted that “armed police did not carry lethal weapons or fire a single shot” and “there was no confrontation between police and the civilian population, nor between the local population and migrants.”

However, video footage showed hundreds of police officers and armoured vehicles deployed, with people hurling bricks and bottles at local officials and police, and vandalizing ATMs and police posts.

Here’s a recap of recent unrest from the AFP:

Elsewhere in Guangdong province, hundreds of workers went on strike at a watch factory this week in protest at long working hours, the Southern Metropolitan Daily reported.

The Guangzhou riots followed hot on the heels of a mass protest in the central province of Hubei on June 9, when 1,500 people clashed with riot squads following the alleged death in police custody of a local legislator.

Earlier this month, hundreds of people battled police and destroyed cars in another incident in Guangdong, after a factory worker was wounded in a knife attack over a wage dispute.

And in late May, thousands of ethnic Mongols protested in northern China for several days after the killing of a herder laid bare simmering anger over what some perceive as Chinese oppression.

A video of the riot in Guangdong:

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