People Across China Are Preparing For The Apocalypse Based On A Hollywood Film

2012 movie

The preparations for Dec. 21, 2012—the day the world is supposed to end according to ancient Mayan predictions—are well underway in China.  

According to Laurie Burkitt of The Wall Street Journal, people across the nation are getting ready for the coming Armageddon by reserving tickets on a modern version of Noah’s Ark.  

The escape from Earth is based off the movie “2012,” a 2009 science fiction disaster film in which international leaders build an ark—in China—to save humanity from a cataclysmic ending. 

The WSJ says “Have you bought your ticket for the boat?” has become a common question around the country and comment threads pronouncing the end of the world have been flooding Sina Weibo, China’s version of Twitter.  

Noah’s Ark tickets, which can purchased on China’s online shopping website,, have even become popular birthday gifts and souvenirs, according to Jacky Huang of ChinaHush. VIP tickets cost five yuan (about $.80). 

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