Chilling audio has emerged of the Minneapolis police call-in after an Australian woman was shot dead

Photo: Stephen Maturen/ Getty Images.

Chilling new audio has emerged of the Minneapolis police call-in after Australian woman, Justine Damond, was shot dead by an officer.

Police were responding to a 911 call from Damond, who had reported an assault in an alley near her home in the suburb of Fulton. She was reportedly in her pyjamas when she was shot multiple times by an officer in the squad car.

The officers are heard communicating with their dispatcher over the police radio, including calling for back-up and their attempts to perform CPR.

“Shots fired … we have one down,” one of the officers says.

Listen to it here.

The audio was posted on the Minnesota Police Clips website.

Sydney-born Damon had been living in the US for three years and was due to marry her fiance next month.

She was a mediation and life coach teacher, and had often spoken of her issues with American gun laws.

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