One Year Later, No One Is Looking Out For The Unemployed And Traumatized Chilean Miners

chilean mine rescue

Photo: AP

One year ago the Chilean miners were international heroes, after surviving 69 days in a dark mine half a mile underground.Now no one gives a second thought to these unemployed and traumatized men.

The NYT reports:

Only a handful of them have steady jobs, they say. Just four have returned to mining. Two others, Víctor Zamora and Darío Segovia, are trying to make ends meet by selling fruits and vegetables, one from a stall, the other out of his truck.

“They made us feel like heroes,” said Edison Peña, another miner, who is now in a psychiatric clinic. “In the end, we are selling peanuts. It’s ironic, isn’t it?”

Some miners have been paid to do interviews or give motivational speeches. But those opportunities proved fleeting for most. Now many are counting on a Hollywood movie about them — which still does not have a script — to be their economic saviour .

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