Child's remains found near a dumped suitcase may belong to missing toddler William Tyrell

South Australian Police are awaiting the results of DNA tests to determine whether there could be a link between newly discovered child remains and missing toddler William Tyrell.

A child’s skeleton was found on the side of a road in the Murray Mallee region of South Australia on Tuesday.

Police say witnesses described a clean-cut man, estimated to be in his 60s, carrying a suitcase just two kilometres from where the remains were found about six weeks ago.

The Daily Telegraph reports detectives are contacting police in every Australian state to cross-check missing children cases, including Tyrell’s.

Three-year-old William Tyrell went missing from his home at Kendall on NSW mid north coast in September last year.

The extensive search for Tyrell was called off, 10 days after police and volunteer searches were unable to locate the missing child.

Authorities then began looking into the possibility that Tyrrell may have been kidnapped or abducted, leading them to name Bill Spedding, who has been charged with unrelated offences, as a “person of interest”.

Coffs Harbour police are currently examining a Spiderman costume that had been left at a local Red Cross store. Tyrell was wearing a Spiderman costume the day he disappeared.

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