Here's The Saddest Detail So Far In The Petraeus Affair...

Paula Broadwell

Most of the coverage of the David Petraeus story has focused on the damage to his career and reputation and the loss to the country.

Some observers, including the President, have also noted the damage to Petraeus’s family.

Much of the commentary about the other person involved, meanwhile, Paula Broadwell, has been scathing (“She got her claws into him,” one Petraeus colleague says, dismissing Broadwell as an ambitious seductress whose access to true power and talent went to her head.) And the investigation that exposed the affair appear to have been triggered by hostile emails Broadwell sent to another woman in Petraeus’s orbit.

But the saddest detail in the story so far comes from Broadwell’s side.

Broadwell is married, with two children. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. On Friday afternoon, when the story broke, the usual scrum of television cameras and reporters converged on her house.

Amid the bustle, New York Times reporters Scott Shane and Sheryl Gay Stolberg noted the following:

Written in the family’s driveway in gold-coloured chalk was a child’s inscription:

“Dad ♥s mum.”

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