A new children’s book based on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos aims to inspire kids to ‘dare to dream big without being afraid to fail’


He might no longer be the richest person in the world, but Jeff Bezos can at least brag that he’s the subject of a children’s book.

Israeli author Ofer Shapira released an illustrated book for children three to seven years old earlier this month. The book, called “Amazon Jeff’s Big Discovery,” tells the story of a deer named Jeff who lives in the rainforest. He wants to find a new challenge, and becomes a postman delivering packages to the forest. The book is told in rhymes, and ends with a message about both Jeff the deer and Jeff the billionaire Amazon founder:

“Ever since, everyone in the forest knows,

Packages delivered as quick as Jeff goes!”

Shapira told Business Insider that he wrote the book for the “joy of young children’s self-discovery.” Shapira sees Bezos as someone for children to emulate, and he wrote in an email that his book is aimed at helping kids “become great achievers and also find their true ability, just like the people of our generation admire pioneers such as the richest living man on the planet, Jeff Bezos of Amazon.” Bezos is worth nearly $US109 billion, even after his divorce from MacKenzie Bezos last year. Bill Gates surpassed him in November, becoming the richest person with a net worth of $US110 billion.

Jeff Bezos Children's Book

Shapira told Business Insider about his inspiration for writing this book. “I have a soul of an entrepreneur, I worked and reworked this story for several years.” He wrote that his dream is to inspire children “to dare to dream big without being afraid to fail, to give them the opportunity of self-discovery and self-fulfilment.”

When he was first writing the book, Shapira said that he actually wasn’t thinking of Bezos, he was just trying to write a story about searching for meaning in life. Near the end of the writing process, he realised his story fit “like a glove to Jeff Bezos – The man who left his stable job at the ’90s for an adventure of delivering books to people which ended by being the most successful entrepreneur of our times.”

This isn’t the first time the fandoms around tech entrepreneurs has been repurposed into a story for children. In 2017, two writers released a children’s book about Elon Musk called “Elon Musk: This Book is about Rockets.”

“Amazon Jeff’s Big Discovery” is available on Amazon now.