What Beloved Child Stars Look Like Today

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Cory and Topanga. Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski. Steve Urkel.These are just some of the famous TV character names seared into our brains as if the actors who played them are still frozen at the moment in time in which their shows aired.

From “Little Miss Sunshine” Abigail Breslin to Mayim Bialik, many child stars of the past have, well, “Blossom”-ed into working adult actors.

But not all have had as happy of an ending.

Amanda Bynes was recently reported to have been evicted from her New York apartment building. Macaulay Culkin shocked fans with his gaunt frame.

Oliwia Dabrowska, the red coat girl from “Schindler’s List,” recently emerged to say the violent film devastated her as a child. Now she’s studying to be a librarian.

See where child stars — from the ’80s and on — are today.

Culkin recently made headlines for his current gaunt frame. He lives in New York and works as a DJ.

Today, she is 24 and says the role traumatized her for life.

Mayim Bialik will forever be known as Blossom, a teenage girl living with her father and two brothers.

Today, Tamberelli is a college graduate with a folk band. He also belongs to a sketch comedy group called Man Boobs: Sketchy Comedy.

Today, Prinze keeps a lower profile, working as a producer for WWE.

Strong graduated from Columbia University, and created a campaign video for Barack Obama's 2008 campaign.

Today, Friedle does voice-over work for animated series.

Today, Lark is almost unrecognizable and denies reports that she is bipolar.

Today, Elizabeth, seen here with former cast member Mario Lopez, is helping MTV develop a reality show about teen girls seeking advice.

Candace got married in 1996 and now goes by the name Candace Cameron Bure. She spends much of her time lobbying for conservative issues.

Today, she's newly engaged and has a child. She also allegedly owes $30,000 in back taxes to the government.

Today, Cameron is an active voice for the conservative party — like his sister, Candace Cameron Bure.

Today, he goes by his legal name, Jonathan Weiss. He studied at Harvard and has a degree from Columbia.

Today, Williams lives in D.C. with her family and founded a children's theatre.

Today, she's all grown up, as evidenced by this photo from her MySpace page that made the rounds on Tumblr last year.

He's now a bassist for the band Fermata.

Today, Kel is looking more sophisticated than his burger-flipping character. He's had some bit roles on television since the height of his fame.

The now 26-year-old has already announced her retirement from acting and was recently evicted from her New York apartment according to reports.

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