See What Child Stars Of The 90s Look Like Today

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These teen idols were ubiquitous back in the 1990’s.But they peaked early in show business. Today, these stars are all grown up and living a fairly low-key existence.

Some retained their good looks, while others are almost unrecognizable today.

Kel Mitchell (who wasn’t lucky enough to get on SNL like his counterpart Kenan) is looking much more distinguished these days. Once baby-faced Jonathan Taylor Thomas has chiseled good looks.

And little Brittany Ashton Holmes, best-known as Darla in the movie Little Rascals, is doing swimsuit shoots today.

Other pictures are rather depressing.

Here's Kel Mitchell from Kenan & Kel, the wildly popular Nickelodeon series. He faded out of the spotlight after he went up against Kenan for a spot on Saturday Night Live--and lost.

Today, Kel is looking more sophisticated than his burger-flipping character. He's had some bit roles on television since the height of his fame.

Mayim Bialik will forever be known as Blossom, a teenage girl living with her father and two brothers.

She kept a fairly low profile until 2010, when she got a role on the hit series The Big Bang Theory.

Melissa Joan Hart played Clarissa on the Nickelodeon series and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Mike Maronna played Big Pete on the series The Adventures of Pete and Pete.

Today, Maronna prefers to work behind the scenes. He was an electrician for the Sex and the City movie.

Danny Tamberelli played the mischievious younger brother, Little Pete, on The Adventures Of Pete And Pete.

Today, Tamberelli is a college graduate with a folk band. He also belongs to a sketch comedy group called Man Boobs: Sketchy Comedy.

Freddie Prinze Jr. was every teenage girl's crush in the 1990's, starring in She's All That and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Today, Prinze keeps a lower profile, working as a producer for WWE.

Rachael Leigh Cook played Prinze's ugly duckling turned beautiful swan love interest in She's All That.

Cook is now working on the ABC series Perception.

Lark Voorhies played Lisa, a shopping-obsessed rich girl in the high school television series Saved By The Bell.

Today, Lark is almost unrecognizable. She's married with one child.

Elizabeth Berkley is best-known for playing Jessi, the smart girl, on Saved By The Bell.

Today Elizabeth, seen with former cast member Mario Lopez, is helping MTV develop a reality show where teen girls can ask for advice.

Tiffani Thiessen played hottie Kelly Kapowski on Saved By The Bell. She also starred in Beverly Hills 90210.

She kept a low profile for many years but currently works on the USA series White Collar.

Candace Cameron played big sister DJ Tanner on the hit show Full House.

Candace has been married since 1996 and now goes by Candace Cameron Bure. She spends much of her time lobbying for conservative issues.

Jodie Sweetin played middle child Stephanie Tanner on Full House.

Today, she's newly engaged and has a child. She also allegedly owes $30,000 in back taxes to the government.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas was THE child star of the 90's. He acted in Home Improvement, the Lion King and Tom and Huck.

Today, he goes by his legal name, Jonathan Weiss. He's studied at Harvard and has a degree from Columbia.

Kirk Cameron won hearts playing Mike Seever on the show Growing Pains.

Today, Cameron is an active voice for the conservative party--like his sister Candace Cameron Bure.

Tracey Gold played younger sister Carol on Growing Pains.

Today, Tracey is married with four sons. She recently participated in the show Celebrity Wife Swap.

Jaleel White will forever be known as Urkel, the role he played on the show Family Matters.

Today, Jaleel isn't looking so puny. He appeared on Dancing With The Stars and now hosts a game show on SyFy.

Kellie Williams played Laura Winslow, the object of Urkel's affections in Family Matters.

Today, Williams lives in D.C. with her family and founded a children's theatre.

Ben Savage played Cory Matthews, the lead character on Boy Meets World.

Savage has a degree in politics from Stanford and has appeared in small roles on television.

Rider Strong played Shawn Hunter, Cory's best friend and sidekick on Boy Meets World.

Strong graduated from Columbia University. He created a campaign video for Barack Obama's 2008 campaign.

Will Friedle played Cory's older brother on Boy Meets World.

Today, Friedle does voice-over work for Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Danielle Fishel played Topanga, Cory's girlfriend and later wife on Boy Meets World.

Today, Fishel has left acting and is studying to be a psychologist.

Today, she's all grown up, as evidenced by this photo on her MySpace page that made the rounds on Tumblr last year.

Jason James Richter was picked from 4,000 candidates to play the lead role of Jesse in Free Willy.

He's now a bassist for a band called Fermata.

Tia and Tamera Mowry starred in the series Sister Sister, which was about twins with opposite personalities.

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