Child Services Determines 'Modern Family' Star Suffered Emotional Abuse By Her Mother

Ariel Winter Modern FamilyAriel Winter will remain in her sister’s care at the suggestion of Child Services.

Photo: ABC

At the urging of L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services, a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge ruled Tuesday that 14-year-old “Modern Family star Ariel Winter remain under the guardianship of her older sister after being removed from her mother’s care last month amid allegations of parental abuse.The DCFS report concludes Chrystal Workman, Ariel’s mum, committed emotional abuse against her actress daughter, but evidence of reports of physical abuse are currently “inconclusive.”

The report suggested Winter remain in the care of her 34-year-old sister, Shanelle grey, who the judge says has said “eloquent things” at a prior hearing about the family needing to heal. “I don’t think she has ulterior motives,” he added.

After the report recommended that grey be awarded permanent guardianship (a trial date will be set to settle that question), Winter’s mother and father, who have long been separated, are now both fighting hard to regain guardianship of their teenage daughter.

“We implore the court to send the kid to her dad,” an attorney for Winter’s mother stated in court Tuesday. “Being a controlling mother doesn’t mean [my client] is unfit.”

But the judge ruled against it, saying: “I have questions about the nature and strength of the relationship.”

In his declaration, Winter’s father, Glenn Workman, said: “I am physically, emotionally, and financially capable of caring for my daughter, without limitation. No evidence has been produced that suggests any detriment to Ariel associated with my father-daughter relationship with her.”

Workman added of his relationship with his daughter, “We enjoy going on long walks together … and I love to listen to her talk to me … I find her to be very interesting. I believe Ariel has demonstrated a lot of maturity and is at an age now that she should have more control over her finances.”

Even Winter’s brother, Jimmy Workman, is now weighing in on the situation, telling TMZ cameras, “Hopefully my father gets custody of my sister, which it should be.” Watch below.

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