New York Is The Least Honest City In America, And Chicago Is The Most

The Honest Tea beverage company did an interesting experiment last week

They put an unattended beverage kiosk in 12 cities. There was an option to slip one dollar into a transparent box next to the drinks. Surprisingly, the vast majority of people coughed up that dollar.

The company collected $5000 in this little stunt and they will donate double that amount to charity.

Here’s the share of honest people in each city (via Dan Ariley):

  • Chicago: 99%
  • Boston: 97%
  • Seattle: 97%
  • Dallas: 97%
  • Atlanta: 96%
  • Philadelphia: 96%
  • Cincinnati: 95%
  • San Francisco: 93%
  • Miami: 92%
  • Washington, DC: 91%
  • Los Angeles: 88%
  • New York: 86%

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