Chicago Police Officers Say They Were Demoted Because They Didn't Volunteer For Rahm Emanuel's Campaign

rahm emanuelRahm Emauel

Photo: afagen via Flikr

Eleven Chicago police officers are crying discrimination, claiming Mayor Rahm Emanuel violated a citywide law that prohibits hiring based on political considerations.In their lawsuit against the Emanuel administration, the officers, who served on the mayoral security team during the Daley administration, claimed their ranks were lowered and they lost a significant amount of pay and benefits when they were transferred off the mayor’s security detail, The Chicago Tribune reported Thursday.

The officers, who aren’t named in the Tribune’s story, say they were replaced by other officers who had “either volunteered to work security on Emanuel’s campaign or had political connections to the campaign,” according to the Tribune.

Chicago’s Law Department said the lawsuit was “baseless,” adding that Emanuel and his staff didn’t actually hire his security detail. The hiring was done by former interim police superintendent Terry Hillard.

The officers are seeking unspecified monetary damages. They also want to be reinstated to their former positions.

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