Two Inmates Broke Out Of Chicago’s Highrise Prison Using A Rope Made Of Bedsheets

chicago jail break

[credit provider=”Chuck Goudie/Facebook” url=”″]

Two convicted bank robbers broke out of their cell on the 17th floor of the Metropolitan Correctional centre in downtown Chicago using a rope made of bedsheets, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.Joseph “Jose” Banks and Kenneth Conley apparently knocked out part of a cinder-block wall at the base of a window and climbed down the rest of the way, the Sun-Times said.

Banks was convicted just last week, according to the Chicago Tribune. The pair were discovered missing around 8:45 am today.

ABC7Chicago’s Chuck Goudie posted the above photo to his Facebook showing the makeshift rope dangling from a window.

The jail is 28 stories tall and was designed by renowned architect Harry Weese, who also designed the Washington DC Metro.

The men remain on the loose.