Chicago-Area Knife Attacker Stood And Gawked At Victim While He Got Help

A man who slashed another Chicago-area man’s throat allegedly just stood there and sneered while the man bled out on the sidewalk.

Michael Schmidt was walking his dog in Wrigleyville when the unnamed attacker grabbed him and cut his throat, NBC Chicago reported.

But the man didn’t run away. He allegedly hung around the scene, watching Schmidt grab his throat.

“He just had this sneer on his face,” Schmidt told NBC Chicago. “I think he was amazed that I didn’t drop to the ground.”

The attacker was reportedly so amazed he felt the need to hang around and watch while a good Samaritan called 911.

As Schmidt waited at a local bus stop for emergency personnel, the attacker re-appeared and stood in the middle of the street holding his knife and watching Schmidt, according to NBC Chicago.

Schmidt was taken to an area hospital, where he received 40 stitches in his neck. 

Watch the full interview, courtesy of NBC Chicago:

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