Rent This Futuristic Smart Home In Los Angeles For $US2,995 A Night

More and more people are equipping their houses with high-tech automation systems, but it’s not likely you’ll find a smart home as beautiful as this one.

This five-bedroom house is located on a hilltop in Studio City, Calif., a neighbourhood just outside Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley. The home is visually stunning, but the technology inside is equally impressive.

The house is divided into zones where temperature and audio can be controlled via wall units. All of the lights in the house can be turned off with just the touch of a button, while disappearing glass walls make for the ultimate indoor-outdoor experience.

It can be rented on HomeAway for $US2,995 a night.

This smart home is perched on the top of a hill overlooking Southern California's San Fernando Valley.

It's extremely private, and each guest is given a pre-programmed custom code that gives them keyless entry to the house's gate, garage, and front door.

Inside, the decor is impossibly chic.

Modern art and geometric patterns seem to be the trend here.

The kitchen counters are extremely sleek.

And you can take in beautiful views of the valley while eating dinner here.

The house is wired with a custom audio system that allows guest to control sound by zoned areas. The theatre system is also equipped with surround sound and temperature controls.

You can see some of the custom controls in the office.

The master suite is pretty enormous.

There are customised temperature controls for each of the house's three floors, but the master bedroom has one of its own.

Mirrored walls in the master bathroom have a dramatic visual effect.

You can even watch TV while you take a shower.

Each of the five bedrooms has its own distinct design.

Even the wine cellar has a futuristic look to it.

There's also an 1,100-square-foot guesthouse with its own bedroom, bathroom, and smaller deck.

In the main house, glass-paneled doors slide away to make the living room completely open to the balcony.

It's a gorgeous example of indoor-outdoor living.

The salt-water infinity pool's temperature and lights can be controlled via a wall unit located inside the home.

There are plenty of options for lounging outside with guests.

And sunsets from this vantage point are sure to be pretty spectacular.

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